Wednesday, March 2, 2016

POEM: Dear Youths


This piece goes out to all the youths
I'm pained and I can no longer keep mute
The kids are hoping to follow our foots
Let's be mindful of the marks of our boots

Our generation isn't just okay
Why kill ourselves almost everyday
What kinda seed do we sow today
Remember life will someday fade away

Let's all stop the hate
If we really want to be great 
It isn't by killing our mates
Let's wake up before it's late

Why turn our nation to Sodom
And then hope to run to London
We should join hands to build a Kingdom
Let's all be guided by wisdom

Our land is soaked with blood
How did we get here Lord
Youths please sheath your swords
The wise should understand my words

This pain I can not keep
I can not help but weep
The pain is so so deep
I cannot even sleep

Please Let's grow up
Let one love lead us

Composed By: Mr-Jaytee

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