Saturday, March 1, 2014

Open Letter To The General Public: What Are We Really Celebrating In Nigeria?

Fellow Nigerians,
What if Atikus's family were amongst the children killed in Adamawa? What if Buhari's daughter was amongst those killed in Yobe? What if Obasanjo's grand son was in the school where our children were massacred? What if Babangida's daughter in-law was a teacher in any of those schools? What if Tinubu's cousin was visiting the dormitory where those children were murdered? What if Jonathan's son attends any of those schools? "Offcos none of his Sons will attend such schools cos its not up to their standard" Rubbish! It is sad to imagine our leaders are celebrating 100years of mismanagement, misappropriation, insecurity and lack of sense of good judgement at a time when we lost over a hundred of our school children! What if David Marks' only daughter was amongst the innocent children murdered? Would these shameless leaders have any thing to rejoice over? Would it NOT be enough reason to postpone this wastage called centenary celebration? We have the right and power to ask GEJ and his cohorts to apologize for their incompetence.This is NOT about PDP or APC. The NiGeria political class has failed us. Our children's life no longer matter. The last time I checked, there is RIGHT TO LIFE in our constitution!! Let's Rise Up And Do What We Can To Stop This!


  1. Yes sir!! I've been on a low key all d while!!


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