Tuesday, March 8, 2016

POEM: Someday I'll be gone!!!

Someday I will be gone
Gone far away from here

I won't be on Facebook to piss you off anymore
I won't be pissed off by the hypocrisy of humans any longer

I will be long gone to the great beyond
A place were no one can exhibit any form of fakeness 
As everything will become real
A place were I won't need money to survive
Neither would I need cars and houses to show off

My certificates will become meaningless
My bank account will become dormant
Slowly I would be gone in people's minds
The love they have for me will wash off
The hate they have when they see my face will be no more

Indeed I would be gone to a place where I can finally REST IN PEACE.
Away from the hustle of this world
Away from hate
Away from sicknesses
Away from the world of mortality.

Then will I become immortal
I will become like a God
I will become unbreakable
I will become untouchable
I will become like angels
I will become like principalities and powers.

No one lives forever
Just do the best you can 
Be the best you can
While you still can.
Help that poor neighbor
Put a smile on somebody's face
Wipe somebody's tears
Feed that hungry beggar.

Your flesh is nothing
Your beauty won't make you live forever
Your money won't stop you from dying
Better be humble while you still can.
Rest In Peace To All Friends and Family In The Great Beyond. 
I will be there with y'all someday.

Composed By: Mr-Jaytee Adaidu

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