Wednesday, March 2, 2016

POEM: Hello KSU, My Alma Mata

Hello KSU, My Alma Mata!
Hey boys, Hey Kings what is the matter?
Why the guns? Why the machetes? Why all the Murders?
Y'all are in school as students, not as farmers.
So use your heads, use your pens and not your cutlass.

Y'all think killing one another will bring you the chedar?
Wisdom is like a cane, we all need the blala.
Y'all are in school, just focus and work harder.
Baba, success begins in school, that is your ladder.
But rather, y'all are killing each other.
If you dont care about your lives, think about your mothers.
If your life is worthless to you, what about your fathers?
And all your brothers,
Even your sisters and lovers.
In school you should please be learners.
Not some squads of killers
This is just my mind, I no dey find wahala.

I wish you all well
May your CGPs swell
I pray by moro, we'll all have good stories to tell.
KSU is known to be a citadel
of learning, that is what we should sell.

One love my brothers and my fellow kings.

Composed By: Mr-Jaytee 
Dedicated to all KSU KIngs.

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