Wednesday, May 21, 2014

An Open Letter To Alhaji Shekau (C.E.O Boko-haram)

Dear Alhaji Shekau (C.E.O Boko Haram),
I hop u ar so proud of urself in ur hiding place. I'm sure d lives u'r taking by force will add 2 d number of ur virgins in paradise! But wait a minit, if heaven is all about Virgins nd SEX, don't u fink u guys av saved enough virgins 4 urselves yet? Nd if ur reason is political, hw den do d ppl on d street com in2 ur fight? U've not even been bold enough 2 murder a politician! *pensive* Nd d little girls with u, ar they d ones who voted GEJ in2 power? Wat about d blood on d street? Do u feed ur sponsors with it? If Yes, hav they not sucked enough blood already? Anyway, let me stop here 4 now!! I hope u aint xpecting me 2 wish u luck, cos u ar already d "Lucky One" who does almost all his operations successfully.

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